Con Bro Chill Presents the Shred Stick 1-for-1 Program

1 - Published April 24, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gear, Lax Nation, Stick Tech

"Think Tom Shoes but for lacrosse." ~Con Bro Chill

The latest bit of news off the Con Bro Chill press junket is as exciting as always, but it has an uncharacteristic lack of gags, electronic music, and neon duct-tape apparel. I was starting to think they were gonna go off the deep end with the next big thing, but they swung a 180 on this laxtrendspotter. Instead, Con Bro is attempting Tom’s shoes for lax sticks in his new 1-for-1 lacrosse stick donation program. Let’s take a gander.

When you buy the $80 Boom Town Shred Stick, they give a stick to charity!

The long and short of it is Con Bro Chill has teamed up with True Temper (just like STX, 1 Lacrosse, and Epoch) to produce…a shaft that says BOOM TOWN really big on it.

When you support CBC and his crew of certified Game Growers, hooligans, and miscreants, you actually become a Game Grower yourself. For every shaft purchased by the general public, CBC and company will purchase and donate a complete entry-level stick to a lacrosse charity in need. Here’s a bit about the different organizations CBC plans to support through this project, straight from his website announcement:

“The first charity we will support is Denver City Lax, a non-profit that works to create educational and life opportunities for youth in under-served Denver, CO  areas by introducing them to the sport of lacrosse. After we get those kiddos set up we will move on to the Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership Organization. After that we don’t know, but we can’t wait to find out who will get set up next!”

It's really as simple as that. We hope this catches on.

To support Con Bro Chill’s 1-for-1 Stick Donation program, visit his website and get yours now!

At only $80.00 a shaft, there’s almost zero margin for profit if they are also buying a complete entry-level stick, so despite the fact that Con Bro Chill Enterprises is a for-profit organization, this is definitely not the big moneymaker for these guys. I’m glad they’ve chosen to “offer people a chance to give back to the game that has given [them] so much,” and Sweet Sweet Lax supports this endeavor entirely.


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