Compression Short Swag: Under Armour NFL Combine Coreshorts

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Next in our new series Compression Short Swag, which highlights fantastic compression shorts because they are too few and far between, is the Under Armour Coreshort series.

To be brief, these are Under Armour’s top of the line compression shorts and they come in 3 varieties. Starting from the top pricepoint we have the UA Coreshort Pro.

The Pro version features “a built-in X-shaped elastic support system that stabilizes your core so you can run quicker, recover faster, and perform better than ever before.” And even more amazing, they are advertised to “reduce muscle vibration so you can last longer than the competition.”

What makes these borderline magical is that “Your muscles will also start to recognize patterns, creating muscle memory that increases efficiency—so you can push harder without the tired feeling.” Whether you buy all this is up to you, I’m just here to show you the photos, because they do look cool.

These are priced online at $59.99

Under Armour Coreshorts Pro

Under Armour Coreshorts Pro Rear

Next up, we have the Under Armour NFL Combine Authentic 9″ Coreshorts. They come in lots of pretty colors, but they’re only pre-sale right now until mid-March. They are currently priced at $44.99

Apparently the difference between these and UA’s regular compression shorts is that they’re “tighter and tougher. They feature our unique X-shaped elastic support system, which delivers unparalleled performance across your entire core—hips, hamstrings, pelvis, quads, and groin. The X band works kinda like a slingshot to prevent these muscles from moving out of sync with each other. Through every cut, sprint, and jump, your muscles stay aligned, giving you more speed and more power. Our Men’s UA Coreshorts also wick away moisture to make sure you stay drier and more comfortable—no matter how hard you train.”

NFL Combine Yellow

NFL Combine Blue

NFL Combine Red

NFL Combine Green?

Awkward model bulge aside, the Combine shorts are the same as their regular Coreshort series which come in the following colors and are also priced at $44.99

Coreshort White

Coreshort Graphite

Coreshort Black

To see more colors and images of these compression shorts, or to order them online, visit

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