Sweet sweet lax indeed!

Chrome Dye Job Attempt

0 - Published November 30, 2010 by in Dye Jobs, Stick Tech

When one gets a chrome head for the first time, one must experiment with it.  At least that is what I convinced myself to be true.  I dyed the scoop a light  yellow (should have left it in longer) and the throat is green.

The dyed parts do not shine as much as the undyed portions.  When companies dye the chrome, they actually dye the chrome itself before putting it on the stick.  That is how they keep their colors so bright.

Stickers pulled some of the chrome off of the Nike heads we used but they were factory rejects so that may explain some of it.  Other manufacturers claim to have not run into these problems yet.  When we get our hands on more heads, we’ll keep you posted.

the dyed part isn't quite as shiny.

A little chrome dye fade going on...

4 straight shooters. Yes, this is my box stick.

The stickers both worked (throat) and didn't work (scoop)

Grey ET skin! cool.

Sweet sweet lax indeed!

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