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Carbonize This Lacrosse Helmet…

0 - Published January 8, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment, Helmets, Lax Nation

Just when you thought you’d seen all the Thailand Lacrosse gear for the 2011 season… Think again!   Take a look at what we found on @thailand_lax twitter page.   We were a bit stunned (and just slightly jealous) at the sight of this:

Thailand Lacrosse twitter helmet lacrosse carbonize carbon fiber lax

Holy Carbon fiber, Batman!!

What’s going on in this picture?

1. That’s definitely not SILVER, or even remotely close to anything that Cascade offers for the Pro 7 helmet line.

2. That’s a carbon fiber texture mohawk on the Pro 7, and not just a carbon fiber graphic.

3. It’s a perfect match to their 2011 alternate uniform by Pro Athletics, right down to carbon fiber theme.

Now it is not real carbon fiber, but it just simply too cool to ignored. For those at home who don’t know what Carbon fiber is, and what the fussis all about… Carbon fiber is a material used heavily in auto racing that has so many practical applications and common uses.  You will see CF used in any thing now a days, from golf clubs shafts, to watches, to car parts, to one of these:

VERTU phone carbon fiber

Now THAT is a phone!

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