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UPDATED: Can You Identify This New Box Lacrosse Mask?

1 - Published January 19, 2013 by in Gear, Helmets

UPDATE: Teddy Jenner, the man who knows about box, informed me that it’s a Marty O’Neil mask creation, and that they are Reebok products. We’ll update you with more as we learn more!

I’ve seen a new box lacrosse pop up in the NLL this year, and it’s definitely different from all of the other box masks out there. The double bar running down the middle is a dead giveaway. However, I have NO IDEA who makes this mask, or where YOU can pick one up, so I’m hoping someone can help me out here…

The first time I saw it, a reader (whose email I misplaced. Sorry for no name credit!) sent us a photo of Jeff Shattler wearing one while playing for Calgary. Then, while looking through some photo’s by Larry Palumbo for our NLL Week 3 Picks post, I saw another guy, Dhane Smith, wearing it.

nll_buffalo_bandits dhane smith #92

I asked Larry if he knew who makes the cage, and he said no. However, he said he likes it because it makes it easier to see the players’ eyes, and that’s good for photographing games. Interesting tidbit!

If you know who makes these cages, and where people can pick them up, let us know and we’ll all be eternally grateful and impressed!

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