Reebok 10K gloves lacrosse BYU lax

BYU Reebok 10K Lacrosse Gloves

1 - Published January 21, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves

The first, and only (as far as we know anyway) College Lacrosse team to wear the NEW Reebok 10K Lacrosse Gloves is BYU.  BYU kept it simple and didn’t divert far from the basics but that makes sense, since their color scheme is so basic (navy and white), so it works.  The most important thing is how the gloves work on the field and from personal experience, I can say that these mittens are top notch.  The leather palms break in wonderfully and the protection level is excellent.  Good move by BYU to go with a company like Reebok that focuses on quality over flash, and good move for Reebok by signing up BYU to the roster, as they are one of the bigger names in the MCLA and could be a contender in 2011.

Reebok 10K gloves lacrosse BYU lax

I really like these gloves. BYU keeping it simple, but doing it right.

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