BowNet – Take Your Game Anywhere

3 - Published December 5, 2011 by in Lax Nation

While attempting to put together a holiday guide to shopping for any laxer out there on eBay, I saw this and quickly abandoned my previous theme.  Also, who needs a holiday guide from EBay when you can much more easily purchase a Holiday Grab Bag from, which is going to be way better?!?!?!?!

Have You Claimed Yours?

Nonetheless, here is what I found in that electronic bay…  BowNet makes a variety of fully collapsible goals for a variety of sports.  One of which, thankfully, is Lacrosse.


At this point, I begin making comparisons between the BowNet lacrosse goal and the only other collapsible goal that I am aware of, The Rage Cage.  The Rage Cage expands to look exactly like the lacrosse goals we are used to.  The BowNet, on the other hand, takes the same shape as our standard lacrosse goal, but looks slightly more flimsy.


More Research Required.

I watched the following video to see how it would hold up against shots.  It definitely stays put during the first bounce shots that are taken (but we expected that anyways).  When the shooter starts going for the Top Shelf, we see the next flex backward a fairly significant amount.  However, while the motion in the cage is not something we are used to, it springs back quickly and really, why would that matter if the ball is in the net and the play is dead?

While the flex in the goal may not be a huge deal in reality, for some reason the aesthetics of it are of some concern to me.  I think the biggest thing that the BowNet has going for it is exactly how easy it is to set up (so they claim) and how collapsible it is.  When fully collapsed, the BowNet is tiny and might benefit those with smaller vehicles.  From what I can see, in a pinch, this goal seems like it would hold up just fine.  Not sure about the price tag of $240 on eBay.  At that rate, I might spend the extra $10 and get the Rage Cage.

While the jury is still out on the goal, BowNet has an innovative product and approach that I do like.  As my teammates found ourselves using a hose and brooms scrubbing out the lines on Squaw Valley’s Turf field following Oktoberfest, I think we would have really appreciated this.


INSTANT CREASE!  This thing is definitely cool, but I am pretty sure that I can make one of these just as easily and save myself $130.  Regardless though, this is a pretty awesome idea and again, in a pinch, this product seems like it would be great.  In addition, there would be that side benefit of stopping those certain goalies yelling at practice (when creases are not present always) that people are in the crease.  Oh Silly Goalies….

What do you think?  BowNet or Rage Cage?  Instant Crease or Spray Paint?  Based upon the brief information this writer was able to obtain, not sure that I would spend the money on this product.  However, if BowNet wants to send one of these Sweet Sweet Lax’s, we could definitely make a more informed review….

Regardless of how you feel, we can not argue the fact that BowNet is coming up with some pretty innovative ideas!