Fogo pocket matt schomburg

Bonus Weekend Exclusive: The FoGo Pocket

5 - Published October 1, 2011 by in Stick Tech

We always love a good innovation in the lacrosse gear world and FogoLax could definitely be on to something here: The FoGo Pocket!  It’s designed specifically for use by face-off get-off guys and the creater, Matt Schomburg, of, came up with the idea, and he’s now working with Lacrosse Unlimited in Huntington(Long Island) to offer the product to the public.

Fogo pocket matt schomburgHere’s Matt Schomburg on the stringing style:

Well, we have done it again!  We have created the world’s first ever “fogo pocket” designed specifically for the fogo laxer!!!

As you can see from the photos we have created a pocket that will allow u to have a deep and effective midfield pocket without the annoying illegal procedures being called for the ball not coming out of the back of your stick from clamping or pinch and pop’s.  Control The Game!


We were obviously intrigued so we spoke with the Schominator to get a little more info.  This string job will cost as much as a regular mesh string job would at LU Huntington.  The idea was to get the same feel for facing off that you can get with traditional, but without the break in time.  Since face off guys often have to use new heads quite often, this makes a lot of sense.

Fogo pocket matt schomburg

New Stallion head!

The mesh is hard, and two sidewall portions are used to secure it to the sidewall.  The top is tight, and the bottom hangs loose.  The mesh at the bottom has also been cut back, to allow for the extra floating sidewall lace.  The two shooting strings graduate for consistentthrows and create a stiff area in the mesh on clamps and pinch and pops. It’s definitely the kind of pocket for a specialized player, but if your needs are that of a fogo, this could definitely be worth a shot!

Fogo pocket matt schomburg

A little close up action.

Fogo pocket matt schomburg

Set up for use by a middie.

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