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Blue Magic Lax NEW Wood Laminate Shafts

1 - Published April 6, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment

We love any advance a company makes with their technology.  Even if it’s an advance in how they make wooden shafts, and this is especially true since people aren’t coming up with new trees every other day.  Straight from the founders of Blue Magic Lax we got the scoop on their newest product and we can tell these guys are evolving.

I’ve used one of their wooden shafts and I love it.  In the Winter, I used it to do lessons and clinics.  My hands didn’t freeze (metal shafts are cold!) and the stick wore really well.  Plus the cool factor is pretty high.  It’s a wooden shaft!

BML_Laminate End

The Neopolitan of Wooden Shafts.

One of the founders of BML, Phil, had this to say, “we made a laminate back in late December and I have been using it for practices since, I also used it for our last 4 college club games as well.  A slogan we have used for it is, “light as pine, strong as oak”, as it is made up of pine and oak.  Surprisingly, the shaft has been amazing and I have had no problems with it.

“We recently ordered stickers and t-shirts. We are very excited to add these products to our company and hope people will scoop them up quickly (no pun with scoop and lacrosse).”

BML_Laminate Side View

Look at that wood grain!

The prices for these products are listed below…

Prices and Pictures:

Stickers- 4 stickers for $5 or 1 sticker for $2
**free shipping on all sticker purchases

Wood Grain Logo File

Cool stickers!

T-shirts- $15

Back of BML Tshirt

The back of the T.

Front of BML Tshirt

The front of the shirt!

Laminate Shafts-

attack = $60, Goalie = $75, D-pole = $90
**$5 off on any purchase of a laminate shaft

As seen above and on the Blue Magic Lax website.

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