...and it is tested at the highest level of ripping corners, the NLL

Blue Collar Lax’s Timmy Targets

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Between my junior and senior years of high school, I attended Dave Evan’s attack specialty camp at Dartmouth. After moving on to the finals of their fastest shot competition, two of us were challenged to hit a tiny corner pocket strung to a goal in two shots. If we hit it, we won a $500 shopping spree at what was then Great Atlantic Lacrosse.

After watching my compatriot miss twice, I took a shot to get my bearings, missing inside. Then POW. I hit it dead on…and the flag over the tiny corner pocket grabbed the ball and spit it right back out. I watched the ball land gently on the floor in front of the goal. I did not receive my shopping spree.

The point of my anecdote is to show you a new product that might have helped me get my shopping spree all those years ago, the Timmy Target from Blue Collar Lacrosse. (Click the Timmy Target for a video of this thing in use by some of the NLL’s most accomplished names).

The Timmy Target boasts a 90% success rate...

...and it is tested at the highest level of ripping corners, the NLL

But there's no reason you couldn't use these for outdoor too!

Order your Marc Mesh to match your Timmy Targets!

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