bitter lacrosse mesh string head lax

Bitter Lacrosse Custom Mesh Pocket

4 - Published December 30, 2010 by in Stick Tech, String Jobs

Bitter Lacrosse only strings up Maverik Lacrosse heads.  They seem to have found a style of mesh that works and they’re sticking to it!  Consistency is good.  It means if you like it, you know you can get the exact same thing again.  It’s sort of like the rock-it-pocket.  People who love it will swear by it and everyone else thinks they’re crazy.

I guess this is the Bitter Pocket and it looks like it has a couple mesh hole skip techniques like the Pocket 34 but a lot of mesh pockets use that so we shouldn’t be surprised by it.  Pocket is very tight.  Now I wonder why they only string Maverik heads?  And Yes, this is the Bitter family of Billy Bitter at UNC right now fame.  They do a lot of lax stuff.  Just go the Bitter Lacrosse website and check it out.  Well worth it.

bitter lacrosse lax

very interesting?

bitter lacrosse mesh string head lax

That's a solid sidewall right there! Very neat.

bitter lacrosse mesh string head lax

toight like a tiger.

bitter lacrosse mesh string head lax

Who could use this? Hmmm.

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