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Best Brine King III Gloves EVER: Wesleyan University

6 - Published January 19, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves
biggie bulldog

All hail the King!

Last year Wesleyan had some really solid Nike Vapor Elite lacrosse gloves, but it looks like they’re off the Nike train now and going with Brine King IIIs for 2012.  And this is the ONLY place you’re going to see them, until someone steals the photo from us of course.

Wesleyan went ALL white, and when I say “all white” I mean it.  There is nary a touch of red or black on the gloves save for the Wesleyan logo and the red King logo, so they get a definite mark of approval for going all the way and committing to the concept.  It’s all about commitment.  I learned that in dance class.  At Wesleyan.

Wesleyan Lacrosse Brine King III glove

Magnum... it's beautiful.

We all know 412 has his rules, and we all know that Wesleyan may have technically broken them by being a school with three colors that gets an all white glove, but rules are stupid anyway, and when I look at art I just want to be impressed.  I don’t care about no stinking rules!!!!!  And these gloves are pretty.  So I guess Coach Tumbas will just have to deal with that.  I’d take these over the UCF gloves, or even Indiana’s King IIIs from last year.  Well, maybe not.  The finger stitching for the Hoosiers was just so perfect.

Whatever, these are awesome looking glove.

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