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Are These The Best, Or Worst, Lacrosse Sweatsuits Ever?

1 - Published November 26, 2012 by in Apparel, Threads

My first three seasons at Wesleyan saw the team in standard issue light grey sweat suits. Some were school issued, some were purchased by the team, but none of them were very adventurous. And then this happened:


Yes, those are carpenter pant pockets on the sweatpants, and yes, there is a small pocket on the shoulder which nothing fits into, yes that is the wrong Cardinal logo and yes, the right pant pocket does have a coin pocket, like a pair of jeans might. And on the back? Two butt pockets, with matching black velcro flaps.

To be honest, my initial reaction was one of sheer hatred and joy. I loved them, but I also thought they were heinous. And you know what? Nothing has changed. I still think they are the best, and worst, sweats I’ve ever seen for a lacrosse team.

A couple things to note:

  • They are the warmest sweats ever.
  • Matt Wheeler, co-fouder of designed them in 2003.
  • Size Large fits like XL. I got XLs. They are huge.

So are these the best sweats ever? Or the worst? My bias is showing and I just can’t decide.