Another NFL Player Embraces Lacrosse Cleats

2 - Published January 10, 2012 by in Kicks

A number of months back we had a Blind Item on LAS regarding an NFL player wearing Warrior Lacrosse Cleats, and now we have another big time pro football star rocking Lacrosse Cleats but he’s doing it in the playoffs, and winning!

Tim Tebow hooks up with Demaryius Thomas for a touchdown and all we notice is that he’s wearing Nike Huaraches.  The lacrosse takeover of the NFL continues!  Thomas isn’t the first football player to rock the Huaraches, but he is the latest to make the switch.  Remember when most laxers wore football cleats?  Well, it’s nice to see the transfer operating the other way as well!  NFL players using lax gear is just further proof of how important, and good, the best lacrosse gear really is.


Huaraches in the house!

What’s the next place we might see lacrosse gear make an appearance?  BASEBALL.  Bet you’ll see at least one guy this year using a lax arm pad as an elbow pad for when they bat.  I’d put $10 on it, but I’m an internet personality, and I don’t really exist.

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