stevenson lacrosse helmet 3

All You Other Stevenson Helmets Are Just Imitating

7 - Published February 15, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Helmets

Just like there is only one Slim Shady, there is only one Stevenson Lacrosse Helmet.  Well, for now at least.  And just like M’n'M, it is wild.  SUPER wild.  Stevenson isn’t holding back at all this year, and their outrageous Maverik gloves and ZimaGear helmet wrap are all the proof we need to see.  Heck, if they’re going to wear this stuff on the field they simply HAVE to be good!

Here are the official photos, with all the detail.  Mustang heads, state flags, skylines, prints… this helmet literally has it ALL.  Go big or go home must be the Stevenson motto, and let me tell you one thing… they ain’t going home!!!!!

A big thanks to ZimaGear and 412 for sending these over to us and giving us first crack!!!!

stevenson lacrosse helmet 3

Wow. That's a Maryland Mustang if I've ever seen one.

stevenson lacrosse helmet 3

Stevenson LOVES Maryland.

stevenson lacrosse helmet 3

So much going on... but it works!

Stevenson Maryland Maverik Gloves

Now the gloves make a lot more sense!

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