Johnny, Sidney and company!

A Stringing of Brotherly Love

4 - Published February 24, 2012 by in Equipment, Gear, Lax Nation, Stick Tech, String Jobs

After talking with Syracuse’s Jeremy Thompson about stick stringing in Hawaii last October, we’ve been more and more interested in the different stringing trends between the indoor and outdoor game.

Johnny and Jeremy's Hawaii team, Dirty Lacrosse

Then I saw this post from Rochester Knighthawks rookie and NLL all-star Johnny Powless on my News Feed:

In an effort to bring more indoor lacrosse sticks to LAS, we reached out to Johnny, who I also met briefly in Hawaii. This is the interesting story behind a stick he started using earlier this season:

Rochester Knighthawks' Johnny Powless's Reebok 6k head his little brother strung for him!

“My brother Sidney who is 13 yrs old has been stringing sticks for the last few years now. It wasn’t until this year I asked him to string one of mine.

“I had given my stick to a couple of friends and it was still hooking, so that’s when I asked Sidney to try it. He gave it back later that night. I got the stick shooting accurately and used it against Philly in the pre-season game.

“I know he will only get better and more creative as the years go by. The picture I sent you isn’t the one I used in that game, it is just one of the ones I got him to string up for me.” ~Johnny Powless #93

Johnny, Sidney and company!

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