LeatherMan Skeletool

A Stringer’s Best Friend

1 - Published January 12, 2011 by in Random Stuff, Stick Tech, String Jobs

I recently received the Leatherman Skeletool as a gift, and I just as I was opening the packaging it hit me – this is the perfect all-in-one tool for stick stringing. Leather, mesh, venetian blind cord… no matter the material, the Skeletool has you covered!

Leatherman’s new Skeletool is a stripped down, lightweight (five ounces!) multi-tool with all the tools you expect from a Leatherman: a screwdriver, a knife, and pliers.  And unlike with previous Leathermans, the knife and the bottle opener (the hook at the back) are accessible without opening the tool.  Oh yeah — it also looks bad ass.

Here’s the breakdown on this puppy:

lacrosse stick stringing tool

And as an added bonus, it also works wonders on bottles…

If you’re serious about your string jobs, do yourself a favor and head over to or to pick one up.


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