4 shooters is a delicacy in Canada.

A Mark Matthews Original Evo 3

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Disclaimer: Yes, Mark Matthews actually strung this stick. Now play nice, children.

This week Denver Outlaw (midfielder?) and former DU standout attackman Mark Matthews has been dropping Canadian knowledge bombs on the impressionable youth of Danville, California.

Everything from his patented deceptive shooting to the 3-man pass and pick away plays typical of the box game, Matthews’s style fits perfectly into the 3D Lacrosse methodology at Peter Worstell’s “Be the Best” camp.


If you read our post about the Maverik Spider I strung for Johnny Christmas, you’d know Blue Collar Lax sent us two pieces of Marc Mesh. We’ve been saving the second piece for something as special as the first. Well, it didn’t occur to us that we had a unique opportunity to use it until this morning; instead of stringing it for someone else, why don’t we have someone else string it for us?

And with all the Youtube and forum buzz about this wizard’s wand, who better to ask than Mark Matthews?

4 shooters is a delicacy in Canada.

Mark strings his sidewall differently than anything I’ve seen.

As much as I know you’d like a sidewall pattern from this MM22 original, I couldn’t give you one even if I wanted to. One of the many secrets to Mark’s stringing is that on the top half of the sidewall, he doesn’t use the outside diamonds at all. He uses the next column of diamonds in all the way down until the double interlock about 2/3rds of the way down the stick. This is where he switches back to the outside diamonds. If you look closely, you can see the outermost diamonds hanging off the edge in places.

This unique method flattens out the top half of the mesh, as if you had a piece of mesh narrower at the top than the bottom, achieving the same type of channel we look for in a good mesh pocket but releasing earlier and hanging under the two bottom shooting strings. It’s like a Canadian box stick had an illegitimate love child with a P34. It seems to be the best of both worlds, so if you’re a Canadian box freak playing collegiate outdoor at, I don’t know, DU…this would be a perfect pocket for you.

Technically, I’ve never quite seen this before (except on his sticks and the imitators’). Conceptually, this is nothing new. It passes the litmus test for a quality mesh pocket.

This one is actually shallower than his gamer.

Dyed American, strung Canadian.

Happy belated 4th of July!

His stringing results in a pocket with a lot of hold with a surprisingly small amount of whip. It comes off the shooters very smoothly and without really hooking under any of them. Can’t wait to try this thing in a game.

Thank you to Blue Collar Lacrosse for providing the mesh, Sling-It Lacrosse (who just opened two new locations in Northern California) for the head and stringing materials, and of course Mark Matthews for ten minutes of his life he’ll never get back.


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