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6 Traditional Lacrosse Heads in 24 Hours

0 - Published September 17, 2012 by in Stick Tech, String Jobs

I’ve been feeling the early Fall flu lately, but instead of just staying in bed and taking lots of NyQuil, I’ve been staying in bed and stringing lots of lacrosse sticks. There was a slight back up in my home stick factory as I waited for a new Jimalax shipment to arrive, but once it did, I went full bore for a day and got it done.


The entire batch of sticks…

I put together six diamond tradtionals in two pinched Warrior Evo 2.0s for Luke “the tattooed assassin” Parker up in Nova Scotia, as I still owed him stringing compensation for his European Lacrosse Trip opus, previously published on LAS.

I also had three heads to string that were bound for North Carolina. Matt Danowski and Ned Crotty are interested in giving traditional a shot, and I received a Warrior Evolution3 from Matt as well as a Brine Houdini for Ned. Matt also sent me a Brine Clutch X to string up for some Duke players to try out. With the new stringing rules, traditional just might be making a comeback!

I also realized that I had given away all of my own traditional sticks, so I restrung the NYC theme dyed Warrior M80. I wanted to save entire sets of yellow, orange, purple, green, white and brown leathers for upcoming work, so I just grabbed a couple of extra leathers (always order a couple extras!), all in different colors, and went to work. The result was actually excellent.

If you’ve got Traditional you want to show off on LAS, get in contact with us, and we’ll make it happen!


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