Our humble prediction? These might be your local retailer's fastest selling items.

2013 Warrior and Brine Gear – Brine LoPro Line

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We’ve got some big stuff for you, stuff you ain’t never seen before. You’re about to feast your eyes on the very near gear future of this sport.

Sweet Sweet Lax sat down with Warrior and Brine to bring you our very own photo shoot of their NEW 2013 GEAR LINES. Full Gear Reviews on a lot of this product will commence shortly!

Now before we get started, this is how it’s going to work. Both Warrior and Brine designed their 2013 gear in lines. Like fashion lines. From what we’ve seen, these lines seem to include shoulderpads, elbowpads, armguards, gloves, and sometimes even a head, cleats or apparel. In addition, they’ve given us a little bit of information about each item, which can be found in quotes.

They’re all impressively done and seeing it all at once made me realize how far our equipment has come in the last decade. This year is definitely a push into the future. We’re going to give you one today and we’re gonna start with one of our out-in-front favorites, Brine’s LoPro Superlight line.

The Brine LoPro Superlight line feautres one of my favorite products of 2013.

LoPro Superlight Series

Brine LoPro Superlight Shoulder Pad


Low on weight, big on protection.

Maintain speed and mobility while still taking on hard hits and checks with the LOPRO SL shoulder pad. Built to be the lightest, most flexible protection possible for developing players, the SL features compression padding and Grid Flex to match the body’s movements. Armor cap system allows free range of movement in the shoulder, while the ABS hard cap absorbs big impacts.

SSL is definitely excited to review these.

Brine LoPro Superlight Mid Shoulder Pad

If you cut everything off your old shoulderpads to make your new ones, this is for you.


Minimalist mobility, maximized protection.

Trim and low profile, the LOPRO SL MID offers minimalist protection for the developing player that wants premium flexibility. Super lightweight compression padding provides superior protection, Grid Flex ensures form-fitting ease of movement, and a narrow shoulder width delivers even greater flexibility and speed.

Brine LoPro Superlight Arm Guard

The sleeve is comfy, I’m tellin’ you.

Low profile, indeed.


Take the bite out of lightweight.

Score the legendary LOPRO arm flexibility, now with the added protection of a hard elbow cap. Lightweight, 5.4 oz compression padding gives developing offense players the security they need to drive the net, while Grid Flex lets the pad contour to your body for maximum agility and response.

(On a personal note, these are going to be the hottest item for attackmen in 2013. I’m that confident. They have all the flexibility of a mid-protection arm pad with the hard plastic elbow of a stiffer pad. They’re the most comfortable arm guards I’ve ever put on and I’ll be buying a pair as soon as possible.)

Brine LoPro Superlight Arm Pad and Defense Arm Pad


Gravity-defying freedom, attack ready protection.

Midfield and attack ready protection in a 36% lighter package. The LOPRO SL Arm Pad features Grid Flex for form-fitting mobility, and is built with superlight superior protecting compression padding. At only 2.4 oz’s, this is a pad that players of all levels can get into.


Superior flexibility and protection gets lighter.

Designed for defensive and mid field players wanting the best in lightweight flexibility, the LOPRO SL Def clocks in at only 1.5oz’s. Shaving 41% of one of the lightest Def arm pads, the SL Def’s compression padding saves weight and offers superior protection, while the Grid Flex design moves and flexes with your body.

Our humble prediction? These might be your local retailer’s fastest selling items.

Visually, these products are pretty tantalizing. Once we’ve strapped them on and put them through the ringer, the Sweet Sweet Lax crew will be back with a FULL product review. Looking good is an excellent start though.

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