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2013 Warrior and Brine Gear – Brine King IV Line

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Last week we told you we’ve got some big stuff for you, stuff you ain’t never seen before. Well, we’re coming to you with the second installment of Warrior and Brine’s 2013 gear lines.

In case you forgot, Sweet Sweet Lax recently sat down with Warrior and Brine to bring you our very own photo shoot of their NEW 2013 GEAR LINES. Full Gear Reviews on a lot of this product will commence shortly!

Now before we get started, this is how it works. Both Warrior and Brine designed their 2013 gear in lines. Like fashion lines. From what we’ve seen, these lines seem to include shoulderpads, elbowpads, armguards, gloves, and sometimes even a head, cleats or apparel. In addition, they’ve given us a little bit of information about each item, which can be found in quotes.

This week we show you the highly anticipated Brine King IV Line:

The Brine King IV Line features some designs we’ve never seen before

King IV Series


Brine King IV Mid Shoulder Pad

Gotta love the detail! Minimal, protective, and chic.

King IV Mid Shoulder Pad

Reign without the pain.

The latest addition to the King Series of protection offers Elite players upper body protection with maximum flexibility. The Mid SP combines the best in impact absorption, with the form fitting performance need by exacting players. Built with compression molded technology to reduce weight, and designed with multiple independent pads to for a superior range of movement.

Brine King IV Glove

The floating back hand should make this the most ventilated glove on the market

They feel like the King III’s I love only with superior range of motion.

King IV Glove

One glove to rule them all.

The reigning champion of the most demanding players, the King IV continues the bloodline as the best seller for a fourth year in a row. Stacked with all the performance, ventilation and protection features of past Kings, the IV sets the bar again with innovations including Skilight fingers to absorb defensive blows and improved Arch backhand breathability and impact absorption.

Brine King IV Arm Guard

King IV Arm Guard

Slay the dragon without getting burned.

Get the offensive protection you need without sacrificing an ounce of performance. 4-piece construction features anatomically position padding for the best in fit, flexibility and targeted impact absorption. Full-length contour mesh sleeve with gel print matches the body’s profile while preventing slippage, and a lightweight ABS cap deflects hard hits to the elbow.

Brine King IV Arm Pad

King IV Arm Pad

Save the weight, keep the protection.

20% lighter than the King III arm pad, the IV clocks in as the new force in low profile protection. 2-piece compression construction with compression cap delivers the fit and comfort demanded by elite players. Full-length contour mesh sleeve with gel print for form-fitting flexibility, without slippage.

That King logo is going to be everywhere

I really enjoyed this whole line. The gloves are extremely flexible and the arm guards are beefy without sacrificing your range of motion. I think this is going to be a popular line for offensive players. Once we’ve strapped them on and put them through the ringer, the Sweet Sweet Lax crew will be back with a FULL product review. Can’t wait to see what other colorways all of this stuff comes in!


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