2012 Oregon Ducks Lacrosse Uniforms

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For years the University of Oregon Men’s Lacrosse Team has aspired to wear uniforms fashioned after Ducks Football. But since they are not yet an official varsity team, the men’s lacrosse players and coaches do not get the same kind of perks from Nike.

So, this year, the men’s lacrosse coaches in Eugene took matters into their own hands and teamed up with a little company in California known as Pro Athletics (the same company behind LXM PRO’s Las Vegas uniforms and many others).

The Oregon staff worked with Pro Athletics to create a concept inspired by Ducks football uniforms, utilizing a similar wing pattern and a cartoonish font for the numbers. According to Jerry Ragonese, the designer, the uniforms were “designed to have the Rose Bowl feel without being exact copies.”

Let’s dive in and check out the finished product, shall we?

The Concept

Before we see the real thing, here’s a look at the original mockup by Pro Athletics…

Pro Athletics Oregon Ducks Uniform Mockup

The Original Mockup

The Real Thing

And now, presenting the 2012 Oregon Ducks men’s lacrosse uniforms

2012 Oregon Ducks Lacrosse Uniforms


2012 Oregon Ducks Lacrosse Home Uniform

Loving the gray and lightning yellow accents.

2012 Oregon Ducks Lacrosse Uniform PNCLL

PNCLL logo on the left sleeve...

2012 Oregon Ducks Lacrosse Uniform MCLA

...and the MCLA logo on the right sleeve!

2012 Oregon Ducks Lacrosse Uniform Away


2012 Oregon Ducks Lacrosse Uniform Away


What do you think? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate these Ducks Lacrosse unis? Is this what you would expect from the Oregon Ducks?

Help us RATE THESE UNIFORMS in the comments section!


The Ducks’ gear bags just came is as well. Here’s what they look like…

2012 Oregon Ducks Lacrosse Bag

Warrior hooking it up with the 'O'



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