Home Gloves - 2011 Final Four

2011 Final Four Syracuse Lacrosse Gloves?!?

1 - Published October 8, 2011 by in Equipment, Gloves

Yesterday, I got a tip from the one and only, Connor Wilson, regarding some sweet sweet gloves that were posted on and required a slight explanation.

Syracuse STX K18 II Lacrosse Gloves for the 2011 Final Four - “Home” and “Away.”

Away Gloves - 2011 Final Four

Home Gloves - 2011 Final Four

So, what was the explanation required?  Well, Syracuse Lacrosse fell just short of the NCAA Final Four when they lost to Maryland by a score of 6-5 on May 22, 2011!  So, I send an inquiry to  The email I received back stated they would answer within 48 hours.  I received a response within 45 minutes!  Now that’s Customer Service! Here’s is the response I received:

Hello Cody,

I just asked my operations manager about this and he said that these gloves were made specifically for Syracuse to use in the 2011 Final Four, but they never made it. Since STX never gave them the gloves, they offered them to use to sell online. Please let me know if you have any other quesitons.


So, there you have it.  At a price tag of $230, what do you think??  I am going to have to say that I prefer the “Home Gloves” to the “Away Gloves,” but then again, I am still confused as to why there are two models when the Final Four was in Maryland… I guess we will never know!

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