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1 Lacrosse Launches Custom Shaft Design Lab

3 - Published January 6, 2011 by in Custom, Promotions, Sections

1 Lacrosse announced the launch of a new Custom Shaft Design Lab on their website today, touting it’s “the only place to truly customize your game.” While I’m not sure how I feel about the tag line (c’mon, everyone knows I customize my game while dreaming… have you not seen Inception?), I can dig the site. It’s the best – AND ONLY – place on the internet to design custom lacrosse shafts.

1 Lacrosse Design Lab

Here a few we created for the entire LAX Network!

The Mothership… Lax All Stars:

1 Lacrosse Shaft LAS Lax Network

Kanye West this, 412 Lax:

1 Lacrosse Shaft 412 Lax Network

I’ll Spoon Feed you this shaft:

1 Lacrosse Shaft Spoon Feed Lax Network

An MCLA Fan deserves a shaft too:

1 Lacrosse Shaft MCLA Fan Lax Network

Drofdarb Sports… What’s a Drofdarb?!

1 Lacrosse Shaft DS Lax Network

I love Pad Thai and I love Thailand Lacrosse:

1 Lacrosse Shaft Thailand Lacrosse Lax Network

and finally, yours truly, Sweet Sweet Lax!

1 Lacrosse Shaft Sweet Sweet Lax Network


Editor’s note: Thailand is no stranger to 1Lacrosse, we’ve got a picture of the custom Thailand shaft from 2010

Thailand both printed on the shaft in English and in... eh, Thai

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